The worker by richard w thomas

During a tour of her new workplace with future co-worker Chris, Laura meets long-time KEI employee Richard Farley, who instantly becomes infatuated with Laura's beauty. Richard invites her to a local tractor pull, but she politely refuses. Looking for a home, she later visits an apartment in Sunnyvaleand is accepted as a new roommate by the current tenant. On her first day at the office, Richard is waiting at her new work station with fresh-baked blueberry bread to show his affections.

The worker by richard w thomas

The conference programme is available here. RBECS is also on facebook, here. The chilly but otherwise rainless weather that day was far more preferable than the previous day, which was marked with erratic occasional rain showers, soaking many people wet especially during the rush hour.

Together with a local postgrad researcher PGR from the University of Edinburgh, we braved our way through that chilly morning and arrived early at Martin Hall, New College, giving us the opportunity to meet other PGRs who are equally excited in attending the conference.

Immediately as we entered the Martin Hall is a mini book stall by Alban Books, where some books by the honouree and by some of the presenters were on display and sold at a very reasonably friendly price, especially for postgraduate researchers. Cheers to Alban Books! When the conference commenced, about seventy people were already in the Hall, but more participants still came in later.


Bond concluded her brief speech by reading greetings and messages from Prof Epp and two others, and the lecture sessions begun.

Is Hurtado working on textual criticism? Second, however, his publications on NT textual criticism are not as widely known as in other areas he is engaged with, especially in the area of early Christology and Markan studies. But Wasserman was quick to add that the difference is not of quality but of popularity.

At this juncture, he underscored that Epp did not only dutifully played the role of a thesis supervisor but also made a profound impact on the life and works of Hurtado. He then proceeded to show the interesting and interactive juxtaposing of the works of Epp and Hurtado, particularly in their varying appraisal of the state of affairs of New Testament textual criticism prior the turn of the new millennium.

In more details, Wasserman laid out the reasons why he sees the dissertation as having played a very important role in eventually laying to rest the theory of the Caesarean text-type. Using various manuscripts representing the different texttypes as his control witnesses i.

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Wasserman then cited other works by Hurtado that have to do with the role of sacred texts in liturgical settings, as well as the role of textual consciousness in the crucial second century.

Accordingly, a day before the actual conference, Wasserman also gave a lecture during a NT textual criticism seminar, where he discussed his own investigation of the textual variation involving the controversial last two words of Mark 1: In this seminar, mostly attended by postgraduate researchers and some faculty members of the University, Wasserman aligned himself with those who view the longer reading i.

He engaged the proposal of Prof Bart Ehrman, of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and also partly the views of Dr Peter Head, Tyndale House, Cambridgewho believes that the longer reading was a scribal expansion to obviate a potential un-orthodox Christological i.

On a personal level, he also vividly portrayed his first contact with Hurtado as a postgraduate researcher wherein he learned one virtue that has left a big influence on his own work as a scholar—the necessity of being accurate, further underscoring that accuracy is the sine qua non for any textual studies.

Kraus argued that both theologians and bible scholars will yield better results if they approach manuscripts not only for their value in textual reconstruction of the biblical texts but also in the way that they contribute to the knowledge of scribal conventions and trades of the time.

The worker by richard w thomas

A researcher must not only be solely captivated by the value-judgement accorded to a particular manuscript by virtue of its age, but also by the very fact that manuscripts represent inherent value on their own, as they can contribute richly to our understanding of the ancient Christian communities.

Accordingly, Kraus brings to the discussion his own experience working with ancient manuscripts, and how paratextual features can widen our appreciation of the context in which particular manuscripts have been produced. Why was the scroll substituted by the codex? Was the shift due to certain advantages of the codex format over the scroll or was the codex an indigenous invention of the early Christians?

Codicology is another area of interest for Hurtado, and along this subject Kraus noted that the discussion is continuing and still open-ended.Jul 05,  · by Richard W. Thomas My father lies black and hushed Beneath white hospital sheets He collapsed at work His iron left him Slow and quiet he sank Meeting the wet concrete floor on his way.

Richard Wright's depiction of Bigger Thomas, a young African American whose social environment moves him to murder and rape, is meant to be both sympathetic and shocking.

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Literature for the Illiterate: The Worker

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