The life and struggles of a royalty a biography of queen elizabeth

Pub Date 16 Jan Talking about this book? During that time the Queen has endured the ups and downs that long life will bring. She was a beacon of hope during and after the Second World War in difficult times when the world faced a precarious future, and she has served as a role model for generations of men and women who continue to be in awe of her commitment to service, sacrifice, and the Commonwealth of nations over which she rules. When her father was crowned King George VI, Elizabeth was thrust into the eye of the storm as a future queen.

The life and struggles of a royalty a biography of queen elizabeth

She preserved stability in a nation torn by political and religious tension and led the country during a time of great exploration and achievement.

In Mayher mother was beheaded to clear the way for Henry to marry Jane Seymour. Parliament declared that the throne would pass to any children born from this marriage, rather than to Elizabeth or her older sister Mary.

Jane did produce a son, Edward, but Elizabeth continued to be brought up in the royal household. She received a good education and was an excellent student, especially in languages she learned Latin, French, and Italian and music.

Elizabeth barely survived the short reign of her brother, Edward VI — All of the people in her household were arrested, and she was a prisoner in her own home. In this period she also experienced ill health but pursued her studies under her tutor, Roger Ascham.

Infollowing the death of Edward VI, her sister Mary I — came to the throne with the intention of leading the country back to the Catholic faith. Under Edward, the Protestants had become the major religious group in the country.

They opposed many decisions made by the pope the leader of the Catholic Church and placed less emphasis on ceremonies than Catholics did. After a Protestant attempt to overthrow Mary, Elizabeth was imprisoned, although she had played no part in the plan.

She was held for two months before being released, but Mary continued to have her people keep an eye on Elizabeth. The new queen In NovemberMary died, and Elizabeth took over the throne. At the age of twenty-five, Elizabeth was a tall and well-poised woman.

What she lacked in feminine warmth, she made up for in the wisdom she had gained from a difficult and unhappy youth.

The life and struggles of a royalty a biography of queen elizabeth

One of her first actions as queen was to appoint Sir William Cecil —; later Lord Burghley as her chief secretary. Cecil was to remain her closest adviser; like Elizabeth, he was politically cautious. When Elizabeth took the throne, conditions in England were very bad. The country was not strong enough, either in men or money, to oppose either France or Spain.

By the Treaty of Edinburgh inthough, Elizabeth was able to decrease French control of Scotland, which helped the English. She also worked to improve the country from within. Industry and trade were expanded, and there was an increase in the development of natural resources.Early-life biography of the queen, who "in one sense is the twentieth century." As CNN's British royalty expert Williams (Ambition and Desire: The Dangerous Life of Josephine Bonaparte, , etc.) acknowledges, Queen Elizabeth II has not lacked biographers.

1 ELIZABETH WYDEVILLE: The Slandered Queen. Arlene Okerlund; ; Tempus, Stroud, Glos.

The life and struggles of a royalty a biography of queen elizabeth

£ ISBN 9. This is the second biography of Elizabeth in the last few years and will inevitably be compared with. John Compton received the Saint Lucia Cross on 2 April and in January Compton was honoured by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II with a Knighthood for his dedication and service in the arena of politics in Saint Lucia.

However, in the biography Monarch: The Life and Reign of Elizabeth II, author Robert Lacey confirmed that Lord Altrincham met with another prominent palace insider instead.

The Kings’ Mistresses: The Liberated Lives of Marie Mancini, Princess Colonna, and Her Sister Hortense, Duchess Mazarin is the fascinating dual biography of two of the most controversial women of the seventeenth century. Marie and Hortense Mancini were the nieces of Giulio Raimondo Mazzarino, who rose to power in France as Cardinal Jules Mazarin, advisor to Anne of Austria, King Louis XIV.

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