The differences between boys and girls from combination between nature and nurture

Family Rules and Injunctions The family process is maintained by a system of family rules and injunctions. These intrapsychic components must be identified during therapy in order for the survivor to become consciously aware of them and to be able to develop apart from them. A number of authorities on child abuse and incest have identified that double binds are most characteristic of these families. Wooley and Vigilanti provided an account of the double bind in incestuous families, a description quoted here at length because of its completeness:

The differences between boys and girls from combination between nature and nurture

You people are sick perverts. If you have children they should be taken away and you locked up for the rest of your life. Linda says August 1, at All the talk about what dad does seems irrelevant as its what mum does that counts. It isnt as if this is in some science fiction future; women have dommed men in family relationships since the year dot for goodness sake.

The nagging always dissatisfied wife, the woman who runs the finances and keeps her husband under her heel is exactly that, a Dominant. Personally I think most families are FD — except, sadly, most women dont move onto the fun bits.

But men love being told exactly what to do, how to dress, what to think. And a lot of that comes from their mothers. Everyday in the shops you will see young mums smacking and clouting and bellowing at their kids- and boys are fair game for a few sharp slaps on the backs of their thighs.

Many many mums go further; my mum used to warm my brothers arse with an old leather slipper. My legs would go wobbly watching.

And mum felt better and made a cup of tea. I once watched a young mum slapping a boy quite deliberately between his legs as a punishment for misbehaviour at a restaurant.

She then left him there so he could recover. He was in a right state. It was just a fraction away from being pornographic.

The differences between boys and girls from combination between nature and nurture

She is regarded by all as an excellent mum, completely in charge of her brood. Later I saw them cuddling and smiling and I really had to wonder what was going on here.

Girls are much easier.

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So I conclude; families always have been and always will be female dominated; the issue is how much of a developed FD life-style should be displayed. Does daddy get caned in front of the kids, for example? Is he smacked and sent to his punishment area when mum gets annoyed?

And to go back to the woman at the restaurant, when a boy needs slapping why not do it where we know it hurts? We are in a FD life-style but we agree that our kids should not be exposed to our life-style.

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This is simply because we want to let them explore their own preferences and sexuality. However, it is obvious that their values will be influenced by our life-style. This results in my daughter doing nothing any my son helping me on Saturday morning to clean he house. This is natural for them, nothing special.

Our kids also know that mom takes all final decision. We have family discussion on all kind of topics but my wife takes the final decision.

We are not in favour of discipline in front of the kids. My wife also cuckolds me but we do not share any of that with our children.

Our daughter is very suspicious and sometimes gets subtle hints computer screens or a dressed up mom going to a friends drink and we assure her that this all is very consensual without providing any details.

We are in this life-style for a long time now, longer as we have kids. Our kids are normal kids and they can discover their own preferences and sexuality.

In our opinion this is the only option as we believe we should not expose kids to any direct effects of our FD relationship.

We will however, reveal more about it when they are 18 or older. Not in detail but the principles of it, we believe they have the right to know at that time so they can put things in perspective.

Linda says I have to say the image of your daughter swanning around while you and her brother look after her is rather appealing!

This all goes without talking about that stuff. We all do the chores together, that is the picture. Obviously we divide the tasks in such a way that the men are doing more physical work then the women but in our opinion we learn the kids a valuable lesson that is often not learned by vanilla kids; in a household thing should be done equally.

In that sence both my daughter and my son will have an advantage later.Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

Female Infanticide. For 50 years, from , fewer and fewer girls were allowed to be born in India. This situation, what I refer to as gendered arrangement, is old and commonly misunderstood. Gender identity is the personal sense of one's own gender.

The differences between boys and girls from combination between nature and nurture

Gender identity can correlate with assigned sex at birth, or can differ from it. All societies have a set of gender categories that can serve as the basis of the formation of a person's social identity in relation to other members of society. In most societies, there is a basic division between .

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