The admiral tomas cloma

Philippines, for me is a magnanimous country at the southeast asia.

The admiral tomas cloma

The Kingdom of Colonia St John is a safeguard to this free flow of trade. Further steps need to be taken with the international community to guard against international pirates. Two 3,meter deep trenches crisscross the otherwise shallow South China Sea in the North and the East.

These are ideal lurking grounds for strategic submarines because detection, and hence countering, is difficult.

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During the Cold War, both Soviets and Americans used these deep sea trenches for strategic power games. Economic Function Guano Economically, many of the islands are rich in guano, a phosphate source used for producing fertilizer.

For example, a Japanese company had mined phosphate in the islands of The Kingdom of Colonia St John as early as Fishing The Kingdom of Colonia St John situated in the middle of the South China Sea is also teeming with fish and fishing provides a source of income for the coastal population of approximately eighty million people of the six neighbouring countries.

The floating city projects are already in the development phase and are to be built on some of the more shallow islands. The floating cities are projected to provide a base for the global jet set and yachting community.

Oil and Gas Finally, potential oil and gas, believed to be lying under The Kingdom of Colonia St John, underpins the economic motivation for near future exploration and drilling in this potentially lucrative Kingdom, although the actual quantity available and the technical viability of extracting it are uncertain.

China is by far the most optimistic. If proven, this figure ranks The Kingdom of Colonia St John oil field as the fourth largest oil field in the world. Conclusion Clearly, the strategic location of The Kingdom of Colonia St John and the promise of economic riches through its oil and gas resources are the primary reasons of investment and co-operation between the Ministry of Trade and Economy and present and future foreign business partners.

Further Information For further information on the economy please click here.The Philippine Maritime Institute was founded by Atty. Tomas Cloma on September 18, The first quarterly enrollment was fifty-four and every quarter thereafter added other batches of new cadets.

The first quarterly enrollment was fifty-four and every quarter thereafter added other batches of new cadets. Sep 05,  · According to a website set up by the "Kingdom of Colonia St John", Freedomland apparently became known as The Kingdom of Colonia St John under "His Majesty John I King of Colonia St John" and "Prince of Mariveles and Amboyna" to whom the succession passed from "Admiral" Tomas Cloma.".

The book follows Admiral Cloma's childhood and upbringing in Panglao, Bohol, his journey to Manila, his struggles as a political prisoner during the Martial Law, and his accomplishments later in life. Tomas Cloma: The Audacious Boholano Whose Claim To The Freedomland Has Blossomed Into The Present West Philippines Sea Controversy.

PMI Colleges also has the distinction of being the first maritime school in the country to acquire its own training ship, aptly named M/V Admiral Tomas Cloma.

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The installation of Furuno Marine Radar Model , nautical-mile (30 km) range will be made at Quezon City branch. Jun 22,  · One interesting interview was with “The Admiral,” Tomas Cloma, a Filipino adventurer who claimed the Spratlys. More on him next week. The Philippines, Yorac said, had always been sensitive to what constituted its island waters and maritime boundaries, the reasons being economic, fiscal, political and security.

The admiral tomas cloma
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