Some of the best places to

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Some of the best places to

My family organises holidays to Croatia for us every year and it is always an amazing experience to spend some time in this beautiful country. This time, it was another amazing road trip across Croatia. Travel to Croatia is fairly easy, as it is only a few hours from Budapest, where my family lives.

In about 5 hours you can easily reach the Mediterranean. The closed beach is in Rijeka.

Some of the best places to

This time, we traveled further and started out the trip on the Makarska Riviera and stayed there by the beach for a week. Beaches in Croatia are stunning. The Makarska Riviera is one of the best places to visit in Croatia. First, we were wondering where to go in Croatia, but soon we realized we had endless options in this beautiful country to visit stunning beaches and historical sites.

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Makarska Riviera was very special, because there was not only a beautiful beach but also some beautiful mountains in the background. There are many things to do in Makarska. This beautiful coastal town stretches along the Mediterranean Sea. One day my dad and I made an attempt to hike it.

We were half way up, when I decided to turn back. It was a very difficult hike. There were absolutely nobody else on the mountain.

I was sometimes crawling on my knees and was pulling myself upwards using our arms. It was certainly a very tiring hike. We hiked upwards for about 5 hours and downwards for about 2. I was dead by the end of the day.

Dubrovnik Croatia Makarska Riviera had a nice port where we would walk around at night and watched the people. All sorts of vendors were selling stuff so there were lots of people on the streets and these streets were very lively.

Makarska was one of the main Croatia points of interest.

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Split, Croatia One day we visited Split. It was such a beautiful city. There were many things to do in Split. The city reminded me of Cannes.

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We visited the palace of the Roman Emperor Diocletian. It was built in the 4th century, so it looked ancient.

It was incredible to walk around those ruins. I felt like I was in Rome or Athens. There are many things to do in Split. It s a beautiful city with a long beachside promenade. In Croatia driving around is a bit scary as you always drive next to the cliff on the side of the mountains and it s so scary to look down.

So I let my dad drive. I was way too scared. Dubrovnik is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe in my opinion.Oct 25,  · The 19 Best Places To Travel In You’ll find some of the most spectacular views from its rooftop B-Bar and B by Alfredo Russo restaurant.

A hacienda at Chable in Merida, Mexico.

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Jul 09,  · Some of the best places to watch England v Croatia in and around Stoke-on-Trent. The Three Lions are playing in their first World Cup semi-final since Italia Here are some of the best places for stargazing in the world.

I wish I may, I wish I might. June 20, // By 10Best Editors. By 10Best Editors June 20, 16 Best Places to Live in Georgia Current Resident: Morningside is an upper-middle-class neighborhood in many ways. It's popular with young professionals and their families because of Morningside Elementary, which has a phenomenal gifted and talented program.

May 30,  · Sausalito, California, is a beautiful city located in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is one of my favorite places in the world since it is close to San Francisco and the Pacific Ocean and it offers some magnificent views.

Aug 09,  · This is one of the coolest places in Lahore to go for live music and a good time. Peeru’s Cafe is an open-air restaurant in Lahore.

Jul 01,  · The 37 Best Websites to Learn Something New. Forget overpriced schools, long days in a crowded classroom, and pitifully poor results. These websites and apps cover myriads of science, art, and technology topics. Jun 17,  · So it follows that some companies are using this to their competitive advantage. The following US companies offer some of the best paternity . These are some of our favorite pizza places in Corpus Christi. The Caller-Times gathered a list of some of the best spots to get a slice of pizza in town.

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