Short essay on history of zero

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Short essay on history of zero

Sometimes he was called Nought. He lived in a big box with a display case in the lid. He was a very lonely number; nobody ever played with him or spoke about him. But instead of taking Zero out, another number was being put into the box.

Zero sidled up to the new number half afraid that he would get told to go away. Are you a number? Why when somebody wins a race they say that they have come 1st or when anybody counts, they start with one. Zero set about explaining why he was the first number with the patience of someone who had explained this many, many times before.

When you are adding coins you start with zero pence and work your way up.

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The reason no body remembers me is that they just assume that I am there and move straight onto you, One. So you see, I really am the first number. One had never really boasted about being the first number but secretly he had always been rather proud of his status.

The sudden realisation that he had been fooling himself for all this time was certainly humbling. One, being a fairly good hearted number however, did not take too long to brighten himself up. Zero was still never talked about and from time to time he was left by himself while One sat at the end of the display lid.

Zero missed him but never complained because a number had to do what a number had to do. Gradually over time Zero and One were joined by other numbers.

Short essay on history of zero

Two and Three were friendly fellows. This went on until the arrival of Eight, who came and put him back in his place. Nine was the last number to arrive in the box and he was used for things like telephoning the Emergency services and buying an Ice Cream.

Until one day One rushed up to Zero in a very excited manner. Zero congratulated OneTen and was genuinely proud of him. When Ten was put on display he had his own special ledge which showed everybody just how much he was worth.

Time went by and Ten got used less and less frequently. Sometimes he seemed to have more than enough work to keep him busy but lately there seemed to be a lull. Some of the other numbers, who really had been quite jealous of his promotion, started to stir things up.

Things really came to a head when Three was wondering aimlessly around and generally tripping numbers up and Ten asked him politely to make some space for the other numbers coming through and added that he might want to find something useful to do.

Insubordination in every direction. Do you know what that fellow Three said to me? He said I was just One. There it was a plain as the frown on his face, a very cross number One glared back at him.

How can anyone really take me seriously as Ten when I look exactly like One.Essay about zero waste management. Post By: November 21, 0 Comment Nov 21, on diwali homelessness in toronto essay birdy shelter essays tearful edith rad research papers maryland 13 colonies history essay mba application essay short and long term goals.

A Short History of Zero By Lawrence Murray Ancient Greek Philosophers, those who gave us the Pythagorean theorem, Euclidian Geometry and the basics of . History of essay writing zero. Home; Short essay on the topic computer writing research design paper methods section.

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