Irish immigrants and their struggles essay

Students brainstorm why people might move from one city to another or from one country to another.

Irish immigrants and their struggles essay

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Irish Immigration When the Irish immigrated to the United States in after the great potatoes famine in Ireland, the Irish natives were poor and without money, although prejudice did not seem to affect the Irish they were subjected to prejudice and segregation.

Because the Irish fit in with the white race upon entry to the United States they were not discriminated against like the African Americans and Asian immigrants who were often denied entry into the United States because of their color and ethnic characteristics. However the Irish were poor and forced to live in the filthiest neighborhoods and alleys most lived in basement or apartments that were not properly ventilated and damaged by sewage.

At this time in history cites needed hard manual laborers because the Irish were unskilled and poor they worked for the lower wages other ethnic groups would not. After entering the county the Irish were not only affected by poverty and prejudice other events also plagued the Irish but some things moved the Irish up in society.

In the s there were 5 million Irish immigrants living in the United States. By the s, almost half of all immigrants residing in the United States were Irish and only one-third by the s Kenny, The reception of the Irish from the native-born Americans was not one of warmth and acceptance.

Fleeing Ireland was a matter of life and death for some. Between and over 1 million Irish died of starvation and various hunger-related infectious diseases. Many of those deaths were of the poor. The Irish entered the United States through various routes.

It was mostly poor refugees who were fleeing their famine stricken homeland and their slums of Ireland to come to America, only to face prejudice, discrimination, and hostile American nativists.

Forced to live in basements, cellars, or one-room apartments, the Irish lived in their own section of each town, often referred to as Irish slums The History Place. Single family homes were sub-divided into nine-by-eleven foot rooms with no water,… Remember, remember always, that all of us… are descended from immigrants and revolutionists.

Roosevelt] Other factors that increased and reinforced this inflow were the decline in the birthrate as well as an increase in industry and urbanization in the United States.

The United States, in the 19th Century, remained a strong magnet to immigrants, with offers of jobs and land for farms. A German immigrant to Missouri wrote home about: The kinds of immigrants also changed.

Jews came for religious freedom, Italians and Asians came for work and Russians came to escape persecution from the powers in their home country. The reason that America had jobs was still prevalent in this period.

America had religious freedom for the many people around those who were facing tyrannical situations from their respective countries. The Immigrants to the U. The circumstances in which the Irish immigrated to America were quite different from those of the British and they also differed in their impact on the U.

One of the reason why the Irish immigrated to U. S was the potato famine that killed over a million. Apart from the famine conditions, the Irish were tired of the British rule in their country. The ordinary Irishman was under the tyrannical control of the British landlords.

Ireland was a country of prolonged depression and social hardship during this period. Ireland was so ravaged by economic collapse that in rural areas, the average age of death was The social class of majority of the Irish immigrants was tenant farmers.

They did not have any expertise for farm work and were quite poor to but any land for themselves in America. They aged from teenager to young adult mainly from the Roman Catholic.

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The second largest inflow into America was from the British. The British immigrated to America for various reasons.Immigration: Challenges for New Americans. From its beginnings, the United States has been German and Irish immigrants left their homes for a.

variety of reasons, ranging from famine to political repression.

Irish Immigrant Families in Mid-Late 19th Century America The 7 biggest challenges facing refugees and immigrants in the US Moving nations comes with some big challenges. I was working with several refugee groups in Salt Lake City, Utah, and over the span of one year I found myself constantly impressed and amazed at their perseverance and strength.
Irish and German Immigration [] Irish and German Immigration Illustrated London News Steamers carried Irish emigrants to Liverpool where their transatlantic voyage began In the middle half of the nineteenth century, more than one-half of the population of Ireland emigrated to the United States. So did an equal number of Germans.
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Moving nations comes with some big challenges. Peasants often had to pay burdensome leases and reside in squalid conditions. By the s situation had worsened as marvellous community development in preceding d

However, some native-born Americans Nonetheless, Chinese immigrants would continue to struggle with negative stereotypes. Italian and.

Irish immigrants and their struggles essay

Irish Immigrants and Their Struggles Shelby Stauble ETH/ 3/21/10 Twyler Earl The Irish people left Ireland and immigrated to America to enjoy a better life, get away from the poverty Read more Irish. Irish Immigrant Letters Home Students learn about the hardships in Ireland and the challenges faced in the United States.

Irish Immigrants and Their Struggles Essay Words | 4 Pages. Irish Immigrants and Their Struggles Shelby Stauble ETH/ 3/21/10 Twyler Earl The Irish people left Ireland and immigrated to America to enjoy a better life, get away from the poverty and starvation that they were faced with in Ireland due to the potato famine. Their sheer numbers helped to propel William R. Grace to become the first Irish-Catholic mayor of New York City in and Hugh O’Brien the first Irish-Catholic mayor of Boston four years later. Again, refugees and immigrants fall victim to exploitation, this time from their landlords. In Utah, for instance, I worked with a group of Karen refugees from Myanmar who were forced to live in apartments known by the landlord to have bedbugs.

From the information wanted ads in the Catholic Herald, students gain an understanding of the role of the Church in community building and family reorganization in America.

Irish Immigrants and Their Struggles Shelby Stauble ETH/ 3/21/10 Twyler Earl The Irish people left Ireland and immigrated to America to enjoy a better life, get away from the poverty and starvation that they were faced with in Ireland due to the potato famine.

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Once they had paid their fare, the immigrants were left to make their own way. However, the U.S.A was not only recovering from the Second /5(13).

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