Internal external organizational forces mgt307

Under the function of planning, the main emphasizes is given to: Analyze a situation to extract meaningful data Determine the nature and direction of action Establish benchmarks and indicators Determine the outcomes and objectives Whatever the business model favored by a company, the transformation process to clean the systems of the company is always more or less influenced by internal factors corporate functions and external partners, environmental factors. Since the company is not a closed system in itself and that its ultimate goal is to sell an output product or servicebusiness functions are constantly influenced by external factors that cannot govern Brown, Influence of Internal and External Factors of Management The role of globalization in influencing organizational function is therefore of significant importance, now the planning teams are required to do real brain storming in planning for further business operations and to meet the demands of the customers. Now the organizations have to have systems that are aligned with the technological changes coming in day by day.

Internal external organizational forces mgt307

Since the organizational factors are one of the most important determinants of successful projects, by understanding their impact and identifying them it can help planning a systematic IT implementation. In this cross-sectional descriptive study middle managers were chosen from teaching hospitals.

Structured questionnaire was used for the data collection. There was a significant relationship between organization resource, organizational knowledge, process, management structure and values and goals with implementation of information technology.

Findings showed that organizational factors had a considerable impact on implementation of information technology. Top managers must consider the important aspects of effective organizational factors. Organizational factors, Information technology, Managers, Implementation 1.

With such aggressive perspective, organizations should be adaptable in order to maintain the competitive market conditions, increase productivity and re-configure due to changing workforce, the global business environment and e-commerce development.

Studies indicate that one of the most important reasons that differentiated organizations from each other is the degree of information technology application in their organizational activities 1. Accordingly, the organizations that use widespread and optimized information technology have sustainable competitive advantages, and in the view of stakeholders are more distinguished than the other organizations.

Based on a research conducted between companies between and the average cost to implement the changes has been estimated to be a million dollars 2.

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It is believed that IT can increase the capabilities of organizations 4. Furthermore, Health system is not excluded from these changes, and many countries utilize Information Technology in order to enhance the health level and to improve the outcomes.

Research shows that application of information technology in different countries brings various benefits to the health systems such as improving service delivery, reduction of medical errors, it supports the healthcare personnel in inpatient and outpatient units, enhances the effectiveness of healthcare by reduction of waiting times for the patients and improving patient care 5 - 6.

Successful implementation and use of IT in health care systems and any other system is influenced by various factors like economic, political, social, cultural, etc. Identifying the factors resulting in increased use of information technology leads to enhanced accuracy and it accelerates the application of this technology 7.

Attention to organizational factors is one factor in the application of information technology that plays an important role in health systems. Nowadays organizations live in an active and dynamic environment which is influenced by internal and external factors of the organization. Some external factors affecting the performance of organizations include economic, political, social, cultural, etc 8.

Mostly 3failure to utilize and incompatibility with the needs of IT users were the reasons that IT projects failed The present study sought to examine the organizational factors affecting the application of information technology in hospitals.

The study population included middle managers of the teaching hospitals of Tehran University of Medical Sciences hospital administrator, nursing services director, staffing and recruiting office, finance, medical records, laboratory and pathology, radiology and pharmacy. Total statistical population was middle managers that 89 people answered to the questionnaire.

The data collection was done by a questionnaire that its validity was confirmed by the experts and its reliability was examined by Cronbach's alpha coefficient of 20 samples that were selected randomly from the population. The questionnaire included an introduction at the beginning in order to show the goals of the research.

The first section of the questionnaire was about demographic information of the population like age, sex, name of hospital, length of occupation, educational degree and organizational position.

Internal external organizational forces mgt307

The second part consists of nine questions related to computer use. In the third part there are questions related to organizational factors and is composed of 5 parts: The second section is regarding the organizational knowledge. The third section is about organizational processes.

The fourth one is about managerial structure and the last section is about values and goal of the organization. Overall, the degree of importance for each item was made and calculated.

Also the data were analyzed using SPSS 16 software. At the beginning of the research the ethical consideration authorization was obtained from the Deputy office of research in the university. Afterwards, the goal of the research was explained and people were assured that their information stays confidential and it is only for the sake of doing the research.

Table 1 Open in a separate window In table 2 the results of Pearson correlation test is provided about the relationship of resources of the organizations, organizational knowledge, processes, managerial structure, values and goals with use of computer.MGT/ Version 4 Organizational Behavior and Group DynamicsWeek One: Fundamentals of Organizational Behavior and EthicsQ1.

Explain key concepts and terminology related to organizational behavior.Q2. - Describe observable and non observable aspects of organizational culture. Q3.

Internal external organizational forces mgt307

- Analyze internal and external forces impacting organizational behavior. Organizational mission Fiscal policies Competition Economy Customer demands Globalization.

Prepare a ,word paper comparing and contrasting the organizations of each learning team member. Analyze how internal and external forces impact organizational behavior for each organization..

External Forces for Organizational Change

This assignment is collaborative. Change Factors There are many factors that can trigger changes within the environment and within the organization. A study by the American Productivity and Quality Center (APQC) with ICF Kaiser () identifies both external and internal factors that trigger organizational changes.

Understanding the internal and external forces within an organization is important to the success of any business. The internal and external forces that are to be understood are restructuring, economy, competition, fiscal policies, organizational mission and globalization and economy.

Causes of Organizational Change

I ABSTRACT Title: Influence of Internal and External Factors on Expansion Strategy -Swedish Cleantech Subsidiaries in the US Authors: Jungmin Choi, Maria Mogyoro Purpose The purpose is to contribute to the knowledge regarding internal and external factors‟ influence on the expansion strategy of a foreign subsidiary in a growing market.

Oct 29,  · Nowadays organizations live in an active and dynamic environment which is influenced by internal and external factors of the organization. Some external factors affecting the performance of organizations include economic, political, social, cultural, etc.

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