How to make your students love english

EnglishESLESL students A great number of students told that they learnt English because they were required to learn this subject in their curriculum at school.

How to make your students love english

Which gives you leverage —leverage to influence behavior like almost nothing else. Your students will automatically behave better simply because they like you. The prevailing wisdom says that teachers need to be grim-faced and serious or students will walk all over them.

What does work is creating leverage and rapport through, among other things, likeability. Anyone can make a few changes in how they relate to their students and see results quickly. Relax Stress will permeate your classroom like a thick fog, creating excitability in your students and negative feelings about you.

So before greeting students every day, take a deep breath and shake the tension out of your arms, legs, and shoulders. Smile Deadlines, test scores, meetings, paperwork. And with it goes your likeability.

Be Yourself Too many teachers hide their true personality from students for fear of inciting misbehavior. It does the opposite. It makes you more likeable and gives you more power to command the behavior you want. Keeping your personality under lock and key stifles your charisma, making you appear dry, dull, and humorless—which is the death knell of effective teaching.

It inhibits that part of you that is the most inspiring and passionate; the part that students take notice of and put their faith in. Tell stories Nothing is more effective in creating leverage and admiration than being a good storyteller.

Its transformational powers can put your students into the palm of your hand. Start with simple minute anecdotes.

If you like teaching English with entertaining video clips, then you’re going to absolutely love FluentU. FluentU takes real-world videos—like music videos, cartoons, documentaries and more—and turns them into personalized language learning lessons for you and your students. Apr 19,  · How to Make Learning Fun. In this Article: Making Learning Personal Making Learning Accessible and Relevant Incorporating Games and Technology into Lessons Community Q&A As an educator or parent, it is often a challenge to make learning appear fun to your students and kids%(32). How to make Students Interested in English. If they are placed in a level that is too high, they will wonder how to learn English as they lack the foundations they need. Ensure that your student is in the right level; sometimes this may mean switching classes early in the semester, but in the end, it’s in your student’s best interest.

Share your travel experiences, embarrassing situations, or funny moments. As you get more comfortable, branch out to include fictional stories and stories to introduce lessons and units of study.


For more info on how to become a great storyteller, see Dream Class. Have fun Having fun as a class is a potent leverage builder, but if you join your class in the fun, if you take an active part in it, your likeability will skyrocket.

The key, however, is not to attach a secondary motive.

How to make your students love english

Have fun just for the sake of having fun. Not only will your students look at you differently after a game of Giants, Wizards, and Elvesbut it will provide a wonderful shot in the arm for a sleepy, restless, or unmotivated class.Make sure you have an abundance of different genres and themes in your classroom library from which students may choose.

7. Use technology to create an e-book. Five Tips for Getting the ESL Student Talking. By Marc Anderson.

7 Sure-fire Ways to Boost Student Confidence

ESL learners are no different. As a teacher of either online English or classroom ESL instruction, it is important to make your students feel comfortable speaking.

How to make your students love english

you can incorporate more ways to encourage your students to learn English. Get the best of Edutopia in your. Take the time to find out what your students hobbies and interests are and try incorporating those into your lessons.

One idea is to hand out a survey at the beginning of the semester. Have students fill out a form that asks what they would like to learn in the course, what topics they would like covered, and what their pass-times are. Jan 07,  · Similarly, not many said that they learnt due to their love for English language.

Obviously, no teachers can persuade their students to learn English like a favorite subject if students dislike English. Hence, to help students learn English better, it is important to make English become something special that impresses students. Love, Teach teaches English at the middle school level and writes about it occasionally at but mostly on Facebook.

She is a big fan of her dog, school supplies, and weather that is under a million degrees. It isn’t difficult to become more likeable to your students. Anyone can make a few changes in how they relate to their students and see results quickly.

Commit yourself to following the list below for just one week, and behavior in your classroom will improve—both because your students will be happier to be part of your class, and because you’ll have .

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