How i learned to be myself

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How i learned to be myself

My mom, aunt and grandma were always very nicely put together with flattering makeup and accessories, and I remember that giddy feeling in my stomach when I looked in the mirror and felt like I was starting to look like them when I added a little mascara.

My friends were starting to wear it too, and I was very pleased to know I would be included in this new stage of womanhood.

It can all seem very harmless, and it felt that way to me at the time. But the problem is that this was the stage in my young life that my entire body was changing. Everything about the way I looked and how much I cared about the perceptions of my peers was changing.

This is where the problem originally begins with makeup. It isn't about a style preference or even whether or not you chose to wear makeup; it's about the deceptive notion that we need makeup to be complete.

We establish a love for ourselves at a young age based upon an appearance that isn't truly who we are. I was the extreme example of this problem. I couldn't stand to see myself without makeup until I was almost 20 years old. I used to reapply makeup at sleepovers.

How I Learned to Love Myself

I would wear it to field hockey camp in spite of the sweat that would force it to burn my eyes. I would edit my photos for hours to fit my expectation of blur on my skin and contrast on my eyes and lips.

I would sneak away in the mornings of vacations before my high school boyfriend would wake up so that I could put makeup on before he had a chance to see what I truly looked like in the morning.

I never saw any problem with this at the time. Now, it inspires an instant lump in my throat. I learned to love an image in the mirror with more defined eyes and even toned skin. That was the only me I wanted to see. I never learned to love what I really look like.

Even now, when I close my eyes and imagine how I look and how other people see me, I imagine myself with makeup on. Many of you reading this probably do as well. It's a problem, and one that begins when we are girls. We start wearing makeup before we even have a chance to know who we are without it, let alone love who we are without it.

Most girls didn't grow up with quite the dependence that I once had, but many are guilty of thinking that a clean face is an empty one. However, the most severe of our crimes are passing those feelings on to young girls when they are trying to establish self-love.

Many reading this would be embarrassed to be seen at the store by someone they know without their makeup on.I gave up drinking for a month — and what I learned about myself surprised me I made it through my self-imposed detox without a drop to drink (okay, maybe a drop).

But it . Lonely City: How I learned to be with myself in New York Nick Genovese March 15, Frank Sinatra begins “Theme of New York, New York” singing, “Start spreading the news.

Squirmy Wormy: How I Learned to Help Myself [Lynda Farrington Wilson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Many kids have some form of SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder), but who can help them overcome their daily struggles?

Wait they can help themselves! Lynda Farrington Wilson/5(67). For me, the first step to learning to love myself was learning to notice myself.

How i learned to be myself

It was a slow process of peeling my identity away from the others I had glued it to. Over time, I learned. While I may have some wounds from not receiving the emotional nurturing I needed when growing up, I have trust issues not because I distrust others, but because I don’t trust myself.

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What?! This was a surprising revelation. But, it helped me realize what I needed to do in order to truly trust other people—that was begin by trusting myself.

Jan 26,  · Learn to laugh at yourself both when it happens and afterward. Turn it into a funny story that you can share with others. It lets them know that you're 91%().

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