High rise window cleaning business plan

Owners Robert Serwas and Chris Mathias strive to maintain the highest level of professional standards of workmanship, management, and service. Robert has been working in the industry sinceand Chris, since The two owners combined have accumulated more than 60 years of experience in window cleaning. Specializing in commercial, residential, and retail properties, Serwas Window Cleaning Services LLC has developed a company philosophy based on safety, accountability, quality, workmanship, and efficiency.

High rise window cleaning business plan

There are different advertising methods, customers, employees, investments, competitors, etc. Knowing about these 4 niches will help you strategize your entry into the industry. Each niche requires a different business model from another. It can be difficult for an entrepreneur that specializes in one niche to enter another.

The Storefront Window Cleaning Niche The storefront window cleaning niche is thought of by many window cleaners to be a low profit waste of time. Starting out in this niche can be very easy financially but is difficult to build a solid business.

Due to the very low investment and simplicity of the actual technical service and required skills of the average employee, this niche is very competitive in pricing structure. However, it is one of the only niches that generates monthly recurring revenue regardless of the seasonality that all other niches are subject to.

In larger metropolitan areas pricing is more cut throat than in smaller communities. In some metro areas, price wars and new rookie low-ballers regularly drive prices down from there.

It is important to have many storefront jobs all in the same vicinity and on the same monthly schedule in order to make a profit. It is difficult successfully start a storefront business without having knowledge and experience operating in the niche.

This work can high rise window cleaning business plan valuable in the slow months when the monthly cash flow generated from your storefront jobs helps to pay the bills.

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The 4 VERY Different Window Cleaning Niches By Craig Wallin Most small business experts recommend writing a business plan for any new business, but it may not be necessary for a window cleaning business. While many small business failures can be blamed on poor planning, others are often the victim of too much planning.
Our Commercial Cleaning Specialties I was amazed at the profitability! They define the skyline and stand tall in their community.
Starting a Window Cleaning Company – Sample Business Plan Template Do you need a sample window cleaning business plan template?

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The Residential Home Window Cleaning Niche The residential window cleaning niche requires just a more investment than the storefront niche.

The profitability is much higher. The residential niche offers repeat business but not on a monthly or bi-monthly schedule like the storefront niche.

high rise window cleaning business plan

Residential customers tend to request services an average of one to four times per year. Each client varies and there will always be the occasional builder, real estate agent, special event, etc.

This is one of the most steadily profitable niches in the window cleaning industry. Because of the stable profit margin, many companies pay their residential employees on a commission structure when cleaning homes.

Hiring, training, and managing employees to work in this niche is much different than the storefront niche. Proper training is important if you wish to have a successful residential window cleaning business that retains customers.

It would help if you have a good game-plan or at least advice from someone who has started a successful residential window cleaning business in the past. Commercial and mid-rise window washing requires more training, equipment, employee skills, and more knowledge of OSHA laws and regulations.

high rise window cleaning business plan

The sales process is also very different. There are less fly-by-nights doing this kind of work. Pricing mid-rise jobs is a little more sophisticated than just counting windows and fitting the number of panes into a formula.

Successful bidding requires experience doing the actual work. Each building is different and each bid requires experienced thought and calculation.

One big mistake would be to underbid a large corporate campus in order to obtain the job. It really helps to illustrate technical expertise when selling the service to these clients. Safety training can help not only to make your employees safer but can also aid in your sales and gain new clients.

The High-Rise Window Cleaning Niche The high-rise window cleaning niche is the most difficult to enter even with mid-rise experience. In many markets this niche may not exist, but in large markets like downtown Chicago, Minneapolis, or New York, there is an added difficulty establishing clients and performing the work.

You will need to be familiar and experienced with on-site installations of access equipment. You will also need to work closely with building engineers and equipment manufacturers regularly to inspect and certify the equipment.

In some large markets there are union companies that have strongholds in downtown areas. In some cases, you might actually need to be a union company yourself in order to work on certain buildings.

In many cases however, a good amount of experience, references, and a strong track record of serving large clients will prove your experience and legitimacy.HIGHRISE WINDOW CLEANING EXPERTS.

High rise buildings have their name for a reason. They define the skyline and stand tall in their community. Empire helps your building support your business with a full service of high rise solutions.

high rise maintenance & cleaning services made simple When you’re gearing up for property maintenance, first-class customer service, exceptional results, and guaranteed satisfaction shouldn’t just be on your wish list – they should be a given.

Easy to read, containing just the essentials. Since the start-up costs are low for a window cleaning business, this summary plan should be sufficient for prospective lenders, such as a friend or family member.

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Standard cleaning for one- and two-story buildings will typically stay within the same range, but cleaning high-rise windows may entail special safety permits and equipment, which would increase costs. You’ll need a controlled descent system for access to exterior high-rise windows.

2. Disaster cleaning and restoration.

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