Donne and w t speech

Early life[ edit ] A portrait of Donne as a young man, c. Donne's father was a respected Roman Catholic who avoided unwelcome government attention out of fear of persecution. John Syminges, a wealthy widower with three children, a few months after Donne's father died. Donne thus acquired a stepfather.

Donne and w t speech

Not ever having studied Donne, Edson spent countless hours sifting through centuries of criticism and commentary. She even found a model for her character E.

Early publications

It just came to me. Context and Background Drama of Margaret Edson: His brother Henry died of gaol fever for harbouring a Catholic priest.

As other Catholic families they were grievously persecuted. It may be the deaths of two people close to him at a young age left an indelible impression on a young man.

In his middle years, he writes mainly of love, but in his mature years, Dr. It shows us Donne in his mature years, no longer overtly concerned with the relationship between the sexes but with his relationship with God. Donne used a great deal of specialized knowledge in his poetry.

He, like Hamlet was an eclectic Renaissance scholar and makes references to Astronomy, astrology, world exploration, geometry, medicine, metallurgy, and numerous other scientific discoveries.

While Donne writes passionately and intensively on love and death, he is adopts a detached objective approach, rather than a maudlin or sentimental one. We cannot assume that the persona of his poems necessarily reflect his Donne and w t speech or life. Born inin Washington, D. Edson and her girlhood friend, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, of Seinfeld fame, performed plays in their basements and Edson was an active member of the theatre program in high school.

She graduated magna cum laude in with a degree in Renaissance history. Edson spent a couple years doing odd jobs. In her unobtrusive clerical position, Edson was able to watch the interactions of very sick patients with their caregivers, and to observe how patients coped with their illnesses and the often dehumanising environment of a bustling hospital.

She left the hospital after a year, but the experience stayed with her. Injust prior to her thirtieth birthday, she decided to write a play about her year at the hospital.

John Donne's Poetry and W;t by Into English - Issuu

She was struck by the low survival rate of women with ovarian cancer and awed by their dignity and bravery in the face of death: Edson knew she wanted her main character to be someone who moved from a position of authority and power to a position of dependency.

She considered protagonists in medicine and law, but liked the idea of a highly of articulate academic who discovers that her expertise in literary interpretation has little to do with the real-life trauma of cancer, which cannot be addressed through scholarly research or school intellectual argument.

Drama of Margaret Edson: W;t Prevalence of Death: With public executions - decapitation of traitors, heads spiked on London Bridge, burnings at the stakes, dismemberment of bodies, people were more exposed to the grim gruesome realities of prevalent death. Fifteen thousand people died in London during the plague while Donne lived there and each morning a mortuary cart would pass down the streets calling for people to bring out your dead to be flung and piled upon each other for mass immolations.

No wonder they were inured and brutalised but also pre-occupied by death. Dead members of the family were laid out at home so there was a lot more immediacy, awareness and acceptance of death.

We are cushioned and protected from seeing dead bodies to preserve their dignity. Most people have rarely see a dead body as it is usually covered by a sheet or body bag, coffins draped with shrouds are seldom opened for viewings.

Social, Cultural and Historical:John Donne Subject Matter: This is a playful detached contemplation of death exploring the Christian concept of life after death; we have been promised eternal life and death is but a transition from this brief world of sin and suffering into the kingdom of God - Heaven.

Poetry of John Donne. Drama of Margaret Edson: W;t. Purpose and Audience. Purpose and Audience. Donne flaunts his cleverness- his wit “To demonstrate his wit was all his art”.

“I did best when I had least truth for my subjects”. Comparative Essay of Donne and W;t Meet Patel 12th Grade Existential quandaries remain ingrained within the human condition, where superficial evasions by intellectualizing such concerns are eventually addressed by universal values of humility and compassion within contextual constructs.

Donne and w t speech

Essays and Scholarly Articles on the Poetry and Prose Works of Renaissance Authors, including Donne, Bacon, Jonson, Herbert, Herrick, Milton, Wroth, Carew, Lovelace.

Through the comparative study of John Donne's poetry and Margaret Edson's play W;t we are shown the individual context of both writers and their perspectives on relationships and death.

Donne represents his assurance of life after death in his Holy Sonnets. Additional to this in his earlier poetry. + free ebooks online.

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Donne and w t speech

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