Cape bojeador lighthouse principles of tourism

University of the Philippines Diliman - Institute of Civil Engineering xiii An Earthquake Impact Assessment for Iloilo City xiv An Earthquake Impact Assessment for Iloilo City Introduction The Philippines is a country beset by a range of natural hazards and experiences frequent, and severe, natural hazard events such as earthquakes, floods, landslides and typhoons. Disaster risk reduction DRR is an area of emerging priority within the Philippines. There are many definitions of risk, but in broad terms disaster risk refers to the impact of natural hazards on communities, infrastructure, agricultural lands, economic indicators, etc. For example, maps are frequently produced showing regions of high hazard - regions that are more or less likely to experience earthquakes, floods, typhoons, and so on e.

Cape bojeador lighthouse principles of tourism

A road trip in the Sunshine City [Picture Prelude: Laoag City is the Capital of Ilocos Norte, right?! Yet I am bored of its features, its topography! What seems to be the problem? It is the viewpoints of these officials that affect the management of the locality which could be autocratic, conflicting or just unreasonable.

Yes, it is always the perspectives of the administrators that is responsible for statecraft — the inclusion of beauty to each endeavor, of ingenuity to every chance, of art to the whole lot of governance. That is, we can always see a huge difference between the works and contributions of male and female or gaymanager and leader, businessman and architect, and lawyer and engineer.

The gender, partner wifelikes, attitude and profession of the officials play an important role in giving justice for their positions to the people and to the country. An alleged gay mayor in the region, for instance, had made his municipal to city in his leadership; likewise, he had brought much change to it especially the image of the city.

Laoag City, Ilocos Norte, which is in the brink of aridity, really needs a leader of aesthetic substance, for it to earn full-spread pages in magazines, international reviews in websites and marked titles in the tourism industry.

I think Manang Imee Marcos, female, known for its glitzy taste level, now the governor of Ilocos Norte, is a great start for this ambitious, vantage point. The Sinking Bell Tower, the historical calesa and brick-walled city hall of Laoag. For example, Laoag City, in which its old structures are located within the inner city, in the business center, where shopping arcades and restaurants are also found.

Basically, the city looks very congested now; small stores and other establishments are overfilling the area. They are in doubt to wipe out the old buildings, the remnants of yesteryears. I think the officials are very weak. They should have done this before. Better late than never?

They should put these together in one stretch or compound; they should move, if unable to, then copy them, make another one. I know, this will work best.

The busy front road of Ilocos Norte Capitol and the water fountain opened during sunrise and sunset only. We want to wind up, at least experience aircon-centralized facilities, watch movies, window-shop, buy sale items and check new arrivals and fashion-forward articles.

These, we are all loving to do, when we go to the city, to Manila, and we are expecting to see as well, when we go back, to our own Laoag City. But with the aforementioned clash of interests, it took time for Laoag City to choose modernity over history.

I just hope it will favor the convenience of different consumers to suffice what is lacking in Laoag City when it comes to sceneries. This year, Ilocos Norte was spotted in Time Magazine. Maybe the world is tired writing about chaotic Manila, impeccable Palawan, exuberant Boracay, boisterous Mindanao, contentious Spratlys, good guy Aquino, self-important Pacquaio, upcoming Charice, etc.

Officials seem somewhat barren of tactics. They need marketing experts, architects, developers and organizers, bloggers as propagandists, surveys from urban people, lots of ideas from party people, researches on the latest trends, trial-and-error schemes… Try me!

They should do these or else… blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag!10 Responses to “Ilocos Norte: Revisiting Cape Bojeador Lighthouse and Bangui Windmills” Photo Cache December 20, this place has become a very popular spot. every single blogger i think had at least one post about this place.

Nov 02,  · With the influx of tourists to the area, not far from the year-old Cape Bojeador Lighthouse in Burgos town west of here, livelihood entrepreneurs and makers of . Core Principles: We tailor travel itineraries.

Cape Bojeador Lighthouse Kapurpurawan Rock Formation Bangui Windmills PM ETD to Pagudpud Arc Patapat Viaduct AM Registration at Hundred Islands Tourism Office AM Departure from Port to Hundred Islands.

Visiting the lighthouse. Cape Bojeador lighthouse is the most accessible of all the lighthouses in the island of Luzon. Access to the lighthouse is through a two-lane narrow concrete road that starts from the Maharlika Highway in Brgy.

Cape bojeador lighthouse principles of tourism

Paayas, Burgos, about 35 km. north from Laoag City, capital of Ilocos Norte. A Transportation and Tourism Summit was held in to formulate resolutions by the private and government sector on transport issues, marketing and product development, among others.

The resolutions were expected to serve as guiding principles for tourism . True Identity There comes a point in time in an individual’s life in which their name truly becomes a part of their identity.

A name is more than just a title to differentiate people; it is a part of the person.

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